virt-what: Check if your remote server runs in virtual environment

May 13, 2016 Linux, Virtualization

virt-what - detect if we are running in a virtual machine
Have you ever wondered if the server you bought at the hosting provider is in fact a dedicated server or just a VPS and what is the underlying virtualization environment your server runs on?
virt-what provides us the ability to detect if we are running in a virtual machine or on bare-metal (real hrdware). virt-what detects common types of virtualization: hyperv, kvm, openvz, qemu, virtualbox, vmware, xen, etc…

Install virt-what (RedHat/CentOS/Fedora):

[root@tuxfixer ~]# yum install virt-what

Detect underlying environment:

[root@tuxfixer ~]# virt-what

Note: If nothing is printed and the script exits with code 0 (no error), then it can mean either that the program is running on bare-metal or the program is running inside a type of virtual machine which we don’t know about or can’t detect.

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