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OpenStack Pike TripleO Overcloud Deployment using VLAN based Network Isolation

OpenStack Pike TripleO Overcloud Deployment with Network Isolation
The basic OpenStack TripleO deployment utilises the so called provisioning / control plane network for all types of traffic (internal API, tenant, storage, storage management, etc…), that run across the whole OpenStack installation. The Undercloud node, which is used for Overcloud deployment, becomes a kind of a gateway for Overcloud nodes to the external network. This solution has a major disadventage: the single point of access which is here the Undercloud node, can quickly turn into a single point of failure, if Undercloud fails, cutting us out from Overcloud nodes. Moreover, any diagnostic steps, in case of network issues, bottle necks, etc., become more difficult , since all the traffic runs in one big tube, which is provisioning / control plane network.
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