nethogs – Display Network Utilization per Process

Mar 5, 2016 Linux

Have you ever wondered how to check network utilization by PID in Linux? Now it’s easy with nethogs application, which unlike other network utilization monitoring applications (nload, iftop) works like Linux top command, but displays network utilization per PID along with the network device used.


1. Installation (on Fedora 23)

[root@tuxfixer ~]# dnf install nethogs

2. Examples of usage

a) Display network utilization on the default interface:

[root@tuxfixer ~]# nethogs

b) Display network utilization in Megabytes (MB):

[root@tuxfixer ~]# nethogs -v 3

c) Display network utilization in trace mode:

[root@tuxfixer ~]# nethogs -t

d) Display network utilization on specific device:

[root@tuxfixer ~]# nethogs p37p1

e) Interactive mode controls:

m : cycle between display modes (kb/s, kb, b, mb)
r : sort by ‘received’
s : sort by ‘sent’
q : quit

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