Server Hardening

Server hardening is included in our main service and competence, which is Server Management, but you can order it separately as well.

Why your servers need hardening

IT infrastructure is never 100% secure. Maintaining the smoothness of business processes in your company depends on the operation of various operating systems and individual devices – the entire back-end of applications and machines. However, given how often you hear about serious vulnerabilities in leading solutions, how can you be sure that your business is not at risk?

Most manufacturers and software developers decide to prepare appropriate patches and immediately inform users about the danger detected in their products. An after-the-fact response never gives us assurance that malware isn’t already installed on the company’s hardware. Regularly updating the system is not enough if the resources of our organization can be a tasty morsel for cybercriminals. The answer to this state is Hardening.

Optimal configuration as a key to operational continuity

If you want to minimize the risk of your system being hacked, Hardening comes in handy. When this process is carried out under the guidance of specialists with extensive experience, the security of your systems will soar to a new level. Hardening consists of an in-depth analysis of the existing situation and configuring systems at all existing levels in such a way as to minimize the risk of attack and the impact of malicious software.

Our experts pay special attention to all the most important aspects of the security condition but do not overlook the aspects that seem obvious to many companies. We often encounter omissions such as leaving default passwords for network devices. We harden the configuration of Windows and Linux/Unix operating systems.

We devote time to all the necessary analytical and reporting work so that you can get to know our diagnoses and recommendations. We also create the necessary documentation with a record of the security vulnerabilities found and how to eliminate these vulnerabilities with a high level of detail. Our Hardening and related repair works eliminate any security gaps found during tests – we also report all vulnerabilities in reporting systems for external companies.

Security at all costs

The effects and changes the hardening brings are aimed at maintaining the uninterrupted functioning of your company. We do not work by trial and error – we know what to do to exclude errors. We give your company protection at a level that is unattainable when systems are configured by full-time administrators. Every day we stand on the front line in the fight for the cybersecurity of our clients. We know more, we look wider, we act faster – contact us and we will help make your infrastructure a nightmare for hackers.