Backup Service

Periodic backups are included in our main service and competence, which is Server Management, but you can order them separately as well. Thanks to the Backup Service, it is possible to restore resources in the event of a sudden failure of server systems and other events affecting the operation of the systems.

The service consists in constantly making backup copies of data stored on servers in any location and storing copies on a backup server, even for 1 month. To increase security and reliability, the backup copy can be stored on two independent backup servers located in two independent locations.

Backup Service includes:

  • backup copies of files and databases, in compliance with the high requirements of GIODO
  • backup server in two independent locations, with a capacity adequate to the Customer’s resources)
  • backing up data once a day (at night)
  • installation of backup tools (rdfiff-backup and xtrabackup)
  • storage of copies up to 1 month
  • daily report on the backup made
  • assistance in restoring data from a backup

Two parameters affect the price of the Backup Service:

  • required disk space of the backup server
  • backup storage time